Disney’s Cinderella (2015)

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Ilse Leenders & Maurits Gisen (Dutch Artists) “Mimicry”


Os Gemeos

Mural com 20 metros de altura e com mais 2000m² pintado em Vancouver. O mural faz parte da Vancouver Biennale. // Facebook // Instagram


Letters Animals by Daniel Lasso Casas


It’s going to be a Matt Taylor-stravaganza over at Comic Con next week! In addition to the Sunset Overdrive print I just blogged about, here’s something else from Mondo.

Batman: The Animated Series is rightly regarded as one of the high-points of animation of the last twenty years, and as part of the ongoing Batman 75 celebrations, Mondo are releasing a limited 7” of the title score for the show. There are going to be a bunch of variants, of which my Harley Quinn piece above is one.

This was a huge amount of fun to draw, especially the Joker singles scattered across the floor. As before, these will be on sale at San Diego Comic Con next week - follow Mondo on Twitter for more info.


Animals in Moiré, Andrea Minini



Crochet animals

Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos in his ongoing series has been wrapping animals in five-needle lace, handmade cotton crochet. But these aren’t any old animals. Vasconcelos has appropriated the ceramic artwork of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro (1846-1905), one of the most renowned Portuguese artists of the 19th century.